Havana will host the International Construction Fair FECONS 2022

By : Dr. Franyi Sarmiento, Ph.D., Inspenet, March 29, 2022.

The International Construction Fair, FECONS 2022, will take place from April 26 to 29, 2022, at the Pabexpo fairgrounds in Havana, Cuba, and will be a meeting point for professionals from the sector, material producers, builders, suppliers, designers and scientific institutions.

Cataloged as the window to the world of construction work in Cuba, this event offers a space to develop projects, product promotions, services for export, import substitution, analysis of construction systems with high productivity, efficiency, production of materials that generate a rational use of labor, among others, with the aim of achieving sustainable development in construction.

Ángel Vilaragut Montes de Oca, First Deputy Minister of Construction, highlighted that FECONS will hold in parallel the XIII Scientific-Technical Conference on construction in face-to-face and virtual modality, «a stage to interact on scientific-technical development in one of the the main sectors of the economy in our country.

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So far, the first deputy minister specified, the attendance of more than 60 companies from 15 countries has been confirmed and the call is still open, so that “any actor in the national economy, whether state-owned or self-employed, that can provide a good or service to the sector, produce technology and facilitate the development of construction, is welcome at the fair».

Within the master conferences that will be given; there are those related to the link between construction and the sustainable development goals in the 2030 Agenda; mitigation and adaptation to the impact of construction on the environment; trends in novel materials; research and application of nanotechnology in materials and products; as well as technologies using 3D printers for construction elements and housing. Experiences will also be exchanged on additives, waterproofing agents, resins, conservation and rehabilitation products, mortars, concrete, blocks, lightweight panels, floors, roofs, finishing elements, finishes and other topics.

Vilaragut Montes de Oca stressed that the purpose is for both events to contribute to accessing new sustainable technologies to increase efficiency in construction and incorporate the manufacture of new environmentally friendly materials.

FECONS 2022 is sponsored by the Cuban Ministry of Construction, the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment, the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Cuba, the National Union of Architects and Construction Engineers of Cuba and the Palco business group .

Source : http://www.camaracuba.cu/noticia/del-26-al-29-de-abril-se-desarrollara-la-feria-internacional-de-la-construccion-fecons-2022/

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