Guided Ultrasonics at API 2024: Innovative solutions for pipeline inspection

Isbel Lázaro.

API 2024 GUL

Dr. Brian Pavlakovic, CTO of Guided Ultrasonics represented the company at the API Summit 2024 taking place in San Antonio, Texas.

Pavlakovic shared from his stand with the Inspenet team to show the latest in technology and inspection equipment, highlighting the importance of innovation, broad vision and interaction between companies and potential clients.

There are many people who can benefit from our solutions .”

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Regarding his products, Brian revealed significant advances in the field of continuous pipeline monitoring, explaining the technology that allows long-distance waves to be sent through pipelines to detect problems and focus energy on critical areas.

We can send waves through the pipe, detect where there is a problem and focus on it to make sure we are looking in the right place .”

The company’s monitoring solution offers continuous functionality, allowing configuration and sampling of data for detailed monitoring. Additionally, it introduced quantitative mapping, an axial sensor that detects defects and evaluates wall thickness, providing essential information for operational safety.

API 2024
Dr. Brian Pavlakovic showing his monitoring solution to the Inspenet team

As for the future, the company’s plans focus on facilitating the training of inspectors and converting data into practical information by 2024.

In addition, they wish to continue strengthening their culture based on world-class customer service, excellence, teamwork and commitment, as well as continue developing and delivering innovative, visionary and essential technologies for their customers around the world, which includes oil and gas companies, refineries, chemical processing, transportation infrastructure, and power generation companies.

Guided Ultrasonics’ participation in the API Summit 2024

The API Inspection and Mechanical Integrity Summit is the oil industry’s inspection-related conference. It is an important meeting for professionals who manage inspection and mechanical assets.

Dr. Brian Pavlakovic was the presenter of an interesting presentation called “Corrosion detection and measurement using Axial QSR short-range guided wave scanning”.

For his part, Eng. Rhett O’Briant gave a presentation titled: “Guided Wave Enhanced Corrosion Monitoring for Carbon Capture and Storage.”

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Source and photos: Inspenet

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