GreenAkku and its innovative technology in ZaunPV solar panels change the way of generating clean energy

Inspenet, May 9, 2023

GreenAkku, a German company specializing in solar modules, has presented its latest innovation: ZaunPV solar panels that can be installed on vertical or horizontal fences and fences. These bifacial solar panels, which have photoelectric cells on both sides, can be purchased in packages that offer different powers ranging from 335 to 780 Wp, which allows installation at adjustable heights between 150 and 200 centimeters.

GreenAkku’s ZaunPV panels offer several advantages compared to conventional solar panels. First of all, thanks to their vertical arrangement, the panels can achieve high yields, even when the sun is low, which increases energy generation throughout the year, especially in the morning and afternoon hours, when the energy demand is higher. In addition, its special design avoids hotspots or hot spots that affect the useful life and performance of conventional solar panels.

The German company also highlights the ease of installation of its ZaunPV panels, which can be installed easily and quickly through its plug-and-play system. GreenAkku also offers a variety of special designs, such as SelfPV modules, which incorporate bypass diodes to prevent power losses caused by shading on solar cells. According to the company, thanks to this design, electricity production can increase between 25% and 40%.

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GreenAkku’s ZaunPV technology drives a more sustainable future

Innovations in solar panel design and placement, such as GreenAkku’s ZaunPV panels, can help accelerate the transition to a more energy-efficient and sustainable future. In addition, investment in energy storage technologies, such as lithium-ion batteries, is also crucial to ensure the stability and reliability of the renewable energy supply.

It is important to continue promoting research, the development of sustainable technologies, promoting the adoption of public policies that encourage the transition towards a cleaner and more sustainable economy.

1783 GreenAkku paneles solares verticales 2


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