First floating electrolyzer for offshore green hydrogen production

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Inspenet, September 5, 2023.

The most recent project of the European Union focuses on green hydrogen. Through the EU Clean Hydrogen Partnership, they have allocated €20 million for an innovative system based on an electrolyser that will extract hydrogen directly from seawater , using renewable energy.

Participants in this ambitious project include Plug Power, an American company that started in the field of hydrogen fuel cells for forklift trucks, and Lhyfe, a French company that partnered with international players for the distribution of green hydrogen throughout Europe. . These two companies are part of the HOPE (Hydrogen Offshore Production Europe) consortium, which consists of nine members in total.

In 2021, both companies surprised the world by commissioning an offshore hydrogen plant, marking a historic milestone. This innovative facility featured a 1 MW electrolyser mounted on a floating platform. However, this represented only the beginning of his vision.

Tons of green hydrogen through a floating electrolyser

The success of the project paved the way for a new 10 MW facility, with the capacity to produce 4 tons of hydrogen per day. This groundbreaking operation will be located in the North Sea , close to the Belgian port of Ostend and is planned to play a central role in Belgium’s growing green hydrogen industry.

Likewise, the HOPE project has a vision that goes beyond the production of hydrogen. Its focus is on sustainability at all stages of the process, from the reuse of structures previously used in the oil and gas industry, to the implementation of highly energy efficient seawater treatment systems. In addition, the transport of hydrogen to the mainland will be carried out through an innovative tube made of thermoplastic, with a length that exceeds one kilometer, presenting an environmentally friendly alternative compared to the use of steel.

Hydrogen is not only a green energy source, but also plays an essential role in multiple industrial sectors such as fertilizer production, refining and food processing. The European Union, through the Clean Hydrogen Partnership, is fully aware of the immense potential of this element and has initiated strategic investments, supporting the HOPE consortium as one of its main references in this area.

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