Graco Highlighted Advantages of Contractor King Sprayer at AMPP 2023

Inspenet, March 22, 2023

Inspenet is at the AMPP 202 3 Conference and Exhibition , from the Denver Convention Center, USA, to show the latest news from the world of corrosion, in this event that started on Sunday and ends tomorrow, Thursday, March 23.

John Lihwa, Graco ‘s National Sales Manager, gave Inspenet this exclusive interview, where he explained the benefits of the Contractor King sprayer that the company showcases.

Graco is a company specializing in fluid handling equipment and spray equipment. It was founded in Minneapolis Minnesota in 1926 and at AMPP they are showing their entire line of protective coating equipment. These equipments are specifically designed for spraying high to 100 solids materials in the protective coatings industry.

Lihwa explained the benefits of his new equipment launched on the market last year, the innovative Contractor King sprayer: “Basically, we took all the high performance and quality of the big sprayer and made it a bit smaller, more compact, lightweight and portable so that can be moved around a job site by a contractor, easier to move around a plant, but still the same performance of up to 7000 PSI pressure and high flow rates to be able to handle multiple spray guns and be able to handle all coatings available today in day”.

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Source and Photo : Inspenet

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