Interview – John Lihwa || #AMPP2023


We’re starting the day off with John Lihwa From Graco he’s is the National Sales Manager

“Graco we’re company that specializes fluid handling and spray equipment, it’s a Graco was founded in Minneapolis Minnesota in 1926 and here at is all of our lineup for Protect CO, so this is equipment design specifically to spray to 100% solid materials for the protect bridges, towers, you know heavy infrastructure and industry, petrochemical plants refineries and energy sector with wind turbines”

I well first of all congratulations for 97 years operations that must be quite the accomplishment and so yeah I mean you, guys are here you’re here, at the at the AMPP conference so this is a new machine what drove you guys to develop is why did you guys decide to come up with new model

“We wanted to come up with something that was easier for contractors to use I guess it easier to move it around the job site we know people are lifting these heavy pumps in and out of the backs of like a pickup truck on a site and things like”

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