GE Aerospace is chosen by NASA to develop sustainable engines

GE Aerospace

Collaboration between GE Aerospace and NASA

GE Aerospace has been awarded a new NASA contract for Phase 2 of the Hybrid Thermally Efficient Core (HyTEC) program. This program supports the continued technological development of the next generation of commercial aircraft engines, with the primary goal of significantly improving fuel efficiency and reducing emissions compared to current engines.

Within the framework of the NASA Advanced Air Vehicle Program (AAVP), the HyTEC Project was established with the purpose of accelerating the advancement of core technologies for small turbofan engines, seeking to achieve reductions in fuel consumption, greater utilization of of electric aircraft through energy extracted from the engine, as well as improvements in operability and compatibility with sustainable aviation fuels.

This new contract builds on work carried out during HyTEC Phase 1, focused on the development of advanced aerodynamics for key engine core components such as the high-pressure compressor, high-pressure turbine and combustion chamber. These components play crucial roles in compressing, burning and expanding the air-fuel mixture that generates propulsive force.

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In Phase 2, the company will continue to refine these technologies and conduct testing in a core demonstration scheduled for later this decade. These tests will be expanded to evaluate 100% sustainable combustion of aviation fuel (SAF), with the aim of reducing emissions.

Additionally, GE Aerospace will focus on advancing the integration of next-generation engines into hybrid electric systems. Hybrid electric testing during HyTEC Phase 2 builds on GE’s ongoing efforts to develop more electric motors. This includes NASA’s previously award-winning turbofan engine energy extraction demonstration, conducted in the initial phase of HyTEC.

Phase 2 of this program represents a significant demonstration within NASA’s National Sustainable Flight Partnership portfolio, contributing to the United States’ stated goal of achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

We are grateful and proud to collaborate with NASA to invent the future of flight. With the HyTEC program, GE Aerospace seeks to further advance core aircraft engine technologies beyond our current industry-leading propulsion systems to achieve a once-in-a-generation improvement in fuel efficiency.”said Mohamed Ali, vice president of engineering at GE Aerospace.

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