Freshwater wind farm project put on hold

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Inspenet, December 13, 2023.

Despite the efforts made, the LEEDCo board of directors has announced a temporary pause on the Icebreaker Wind project. The attempt, which has been underway for nearly 15 years with the goal of establishing North America’s first freshwater wind farm in Cleveland, has been officially “paused” by the Lake Erie Energy Development Corp. board of directors. (LEEDCo).

Freshwater wind farm paused: here’s why

The board cited “years of delays and obstacles” as the main reason, according to a statement issued on December 8. LEEDCo’s Icebreaker Wind project, proposed in 2009, sought to build six turbines about 8 miles off the coast of downtown Cleveland, part of a pilot program that would make it the first freshwater wind farm in the country .

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Will Friedman, LEEDCo board member and president of the Port of Cleveland, expressed his disappointment at the project’s pause in a statement. In addition, he pointed out that the project permits remain valid and he hopes that it will resume its course in the future.

This pause is necessitated by a confluence of adverse circumstances and numerous delays resulting in a financial climate in which the commercial viability of the project is in doubt ,” he said.

Friedman indicated that LEEDCo’s board of directors is receptive to the idea of ​​other developers or owners taking responsibility for the project. As a result of the pause, a $50 million grant for energy efficiency and renewable energy from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office will be moved as LEEDCo is unable to meet established development goals. .

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