France will build 54 new onshore wind farms

Isbel Lázaro.

nuevos parques eólicos terrestres

Inspenet, December 31, 2023.

France’s energy minister announced the receipt of 54 project proposals for onshore wind farms , accumulating a total capacity of 931 megawatt-hours. The average price of the tender is 86.94 euros per megawatt-hour.

Although the French government has set ambitious goals for the development of renewable energy, the last two tenders have been affected by technical problems. The most recent tender was carried out a few weeks ago, with a total project capacity of 925 MW.

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Last September, during a press conference after consulting with German Chancellor Scholz, French President Macron said: ” Germany requires our supply of natural gas, and we also need electricity from our European neighbors, especially Germany .”

Although France is the world’s leading nuclear power and has always been a net exporter of electricity, apparently less affected by the gas crisis, it is now turning to a coal-fired power generator . The fundamental reasons behind this decision include the particularities of the heating system in France compared to other major Western countries, the lack of progress in nuclear energy infrastructure in recent years and the inconsistency in the country’s nuclear energy policy.

According to the International Energy Agency, in 2021, nuclear energy in France constituted 69% of total electricity generation, significantly surpassing hydroelectric, wind and natural gas sources. Although the government has been gradually reducing the importance of nuclear energy in recent years and actively promoting renewable energy generation, it is anticipated that until 2025 the share of nuclear energy in total electricity generation in France will remain high, reaching approximately 67.2%.

France and onshore wind farms

In 2020, France presented the final version of its National Energy and Climate Plan (PNIEC) 2030 to the European Commission. France’s goal is to reach 33% renewable energy in its energy matrix by 2030. This implies that 40% of electricity generation will be from renewable sources and half of that amount will come from wind energy.

The plan details the specific objectives and measures for France’s energy transition, emphasizing the full exploitation of the potential of French wind energy as key to its implementation.

France is projected to reach 34.7 GW of onshore wind capacity by 2028, while an 8.75 GW increase in installed offshore wind capacity is anticipated for the same year. In order to achieve decarbonization and increase the share of renewable energy, France’s multi-annual energy plan sets specific objectives and measures, including reducing fossil energy consumption.

In 2022, almost all coal-fired power plants will be closed as part of this approach, maintaining the diversification of the energy mix in the nuclear sector and working towards reducing nuclear energy to 50% by 2035, as one of the objectives clue.

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