Construction of the fourth LNG tank will begin in the Port of Rotterdam

cuarto tanque de GNL

Inspenet, September 2, 2023.

Gate Terminal, together with its shareholders Gasunie and Vopak, have given final approval to expand storage and regasification capacity at the Port of Rotterdam, in the Netherlands.

Said expansion includes the construction of the fourth LNG ( liquefied natural gas ) tank with a capacity of 180,000 m 3 , as well as an increase in regasification capacity of 4 billion m 3 per year. The additional capacity has already been contracted through long-term commercial agreements and is anticipated to be operational in the second half of 2026.

Fourth LNG tank: vital for storage

Vopak and Gasunie, as developers and owners of the Gate terminal in Rotterdam, play a crucial role in the supply and availability of gas in the Netherlands and neighboring nations. Once all the projects planned at the Gate terminal are completed, it will have a total regasification capacity of 20 billion m 3 per year .

Hans Coenen, on behalf of the Board of Directors of Gasunie, indicated that “the investment in this new tank is part of a broader package of measures proposed and already carried out to increase the LNG import capacity in the Netherlands. This is necessary to make up for the loss of Russian natural gas and reduce the shortage of natural gas in the European gas market.”

“In addition to expanding LNG import capacity, Gasunie continues to accelerate the energy transition. For example, through the construction of a national hydrogen network and the conversion of import terminals. We will also continue to focus on green gas, heat transport, and CO 2 capture and storage.”


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