Sinopec discovers gas field in Sichuan basin

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Inspenet, August 25, 2023.

The discovery of the gas field is one of the most important

As a milestone in the Deep Earth-Sichuan Project and Chongqing natural gas base, Phase I of the Bazhong gas field adds 30.55 billion m 3 of proven geological reserves .

The China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation (Sinopec) has obtained official certification of the proven geological reserves of 30.55 billion m 3 of natural gas, which have been discovered in Phase I of its Bazhong gas field. This significant achievement at the Deep Earth-Sichuan project and Chongqing natural gas base further highlights the promising potential of the narrow sandstone formation in northeast Sichuan, China.

The Bazhong gas field represents the third Xujiahe Formation gas reservoir discovery with hermetic sandstone made by Sinopec in that area. To date, the company has recorded a cumulative 154.747 billion m 3 of proven geological gas reserves in the region’s restricted sandstone formation.

The sandstone-trapped gas reserve, whose burial depth exceeds 4,500 meters, is identified as an ultra-deep and compact deposit. The Bazhong gas field, with burial depths ranging from 4,550 to 5,225 meters, presents a considerable challenge for exploration and development.

Sinopec has introduced innovations in three reservoir development models and high permeability in order to clarify the natural gas concentration and high-yield production models. In addition, he has established sequences of techniques for the prediction of deposits and the implementation of areas of high concentration.

In addition, the company will continue to work on the evaluation and geological engineering of shale and sandstone gas reserves in the Sichuan basin, with the aim of expanding the increase in reserves in the Bazhong area.


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