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Inspenet, November 6, 2023.

Xpeng AeroHT, a division of the Chinese brand Xpeng , is among the few companies that have decided to explore creating the flying car of the future. During the Xpeng Tech Day event, they presented two prototypes, one of which is the so-called Modular Flying Car .

So far, no physical prototype has been shown, but videos and computer-generated images have been shared. The Modular Flying Car is not classified as an eVTOL, as it is a combination of aircraft and automobile , specifically, a type of “minivan” that houses a drone with capacity for two people.

What is the design of the Modular Flying Car?

Interestingly, the Modular Flying Car has generated some controversy due to its apparent inspiration from the Tesla Cybertruck and Hyundai Staria. Xpeng refers to it as the “mothership” and features a completely futuristic design, characterized by its elongated shape and tapered rear. The vehicle exhibits angular lines and a flat appearance at the front, in addition to having an unpainted steel body, which rests on three axles.

Inside, it has space to accommodate five passengers, and instead of an all-electric configuration, it operates as a hybrid vehicle. It is equipped with an internal combustion engine that generates power both for its own needs and for the built-in drone.

Likewise, the electric aerial vehicle ( eVTOL ), which is the flying part of the Modular Flying Car, is spacious enough to accommodate two passengers and can be operated by a human pilot or by its own autonomous systems. It offers a wide 270-degree peripheral vision from the cockpit.

Xpeng has noted that its main focus will be on modular vehicles for its production plans. Although they are willing to sell it to individuals, their main objective is to provide these vehicles to emergency services.

Although a launch date for the Modular Flying Car has not yet been confirmed, Xpeng has mentioned that Chinese authorities are already working on the safe implementation of these technologies.

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