They create a solution that protects eVTOLs from accidents


Inspenet, November 5, 2023.

Chinese company AeroHT has addressed a concern related to possible system failure in eVTOLs, especially at low altitude, where a parachute might not have enough time to respond. In collaboration with Xpeng, they have developed and evaluated a solution that involves the use of multiple parachutes that deploy automatically when the aircraft loses power in its engines.

This approach was tested using an eVTOL that was at a height of 50 meters, which presents a challenge to the deployment and effectiveness of this alternative. However, the parachute begins to inflate about a second and a half after being launched from the front of the aircraft, fully deploys in about an additional second and a half, and manages to stabilize the vehicle before it can roll over.

From that point, it begins a descent in which the speed decreases by 18.7 km/h before landing, which transforms a possible fatal fall into a much more manageable situation for the safety of the occupants.

At the conclusion of the test, the eVTOL aircraft was apparently in reasonably good condition, with no significant visible damage. This suggests that the occupants would have survived the accident with possibly minor injuries, such as bruises or bruises, but without serious injuries.

This safety system can inspire investor confidence and accelerate the advancement of electric air transportation systems. In addition, it represents a valuable solution for a wide range of applications, both in urban environments and in the transport of goods, medicines or rescue equipment to remote areas where more expensive methods, such as helicopters, are often used.

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