World’s first robotic underground delivery system launched

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The company Pipedream has recently presented the first global robotic delivery system using autonomous underground robots, a logistics network with the potential to radically transform product delivery processes. This innovative approach is committed to providing faster, more efficient and cost-effective transportation alternatives for consumers.

According to data shared by Pipedream and Curiosity Lab, Peachtree Corners has marked a milestone by becoming the first city to adopt an underground logistics solution. In response to the emissions and congestion problems commonly associated with conventional methods, Peachtree Corners is moving towards a more sustainable future.

About the Pipedream Robotic System

Pipedream’s robotic system includes containers, a temperature-controlled portal, autonomous robots , and underground infrastructure, all designed to facilitate product delivery. Containers have the ability to accommodate virtually any item requested for delivery or pickup.

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Its portal, equipped with temperature control, can manage orders of up to 18 Kg , being an ideal option for food or grocery products in large quantities. The autonomous electric robot can reach a speed of up to 64 km/h , ensuring fast and efficient service. Additionally, the underground infrastructure uses available pipes from the railway network, allowing robots to make turns of up to 90 degrees with ease.

Extending its reach to nearly a mile away, Pipedream’s Peachtree Corners facility connects a busy shopping center to the core of Curiosity Lab’s smart city innovation center.

Distribution of a variety of products, from food to household items, falls to Pipedream’s logistics network, which leverages physical and underground infrastructure. This system allows robots to transport goods in considerably shorter times. The benefits of this innovative delivery method are diverse for residents and businesses, as it contributes to the reduction of carbon emissions , reduces traffic congestion and minimizes noise pollution by taking drivers off the road. In addition, a decrease in vehicle accidents is expected and a faster and more affordable delivery service is ensured.

By bringing the delivery system underground and directly to the customer, Pipedream shows the future of logistics technology that will not only provide greater convenience to our residents and businesses, but will also reduce traffic, noise and vehicle emissions. delivery on our roads .” said Brandon Branham, Peachtree Corners Deputy City Manager and Chief Technology Officer.

It is important to mention that Curiosity Lab and the Peachtree Corners City Council are collaborating to facilitate the implementation of the Pipedream underground rail system, thus consolidating the city’s avant-garde position and highlighting it as a benchmark in the field of smart cities in the United States.

Through public-private partnerships and a future-focused outlook, Peachtree Corners stands as an example for other cities, establishing a model that requires no new laws or regulations.

Pipedream is about embracing innovation to put the needs of communities first; With this first real-world installation we have shown that underground delivery is not only possible today, but is also easy to adapt“said Garrett McCurrach, CEO of Pipedream.

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