Argentina’s first green hydrogen plant will be ready in 2027

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Inspenet, October 28, 2023.

First green hydrogen plant

Construction of the green hydrogen plant, so named due to its focus on renewable energy, is scheduled to begin in 2025 and project implementation is estimated to take approximately 2 years.

Argentina will see the construction of its first wind farm intended for the production of green hydrogen in the province of Río Negro in 2025. The Australian company in charge of this ambitious energy project confirmed that a construction period of at least two years is expected.

Simultaneously, the Government is promoting the approval of the Green Hydrogen Law before the elections with the purpose of facilitating the development of new initiatives. The foreign company’s investment amounts to USD 8.4 billion , marking the largest investment in the country in the last two decades.

In dialogue with BAE Negocios, the company Fortescue Future Industries (FFI) announced that “The start of work could be estimated for the third quarter of 2025, once the adaptation work of the original project and the adjustments to studies, permits and engineering have been completed.” and they estimated that the process will require at least a period of 2 years from the beginning of work in the province of Patagonia before it becomes operational.

In other words, it is expected to be operational towards the end of 2027 or early 2028.

In any case, shortly after they clarified that this date “is subject to the final investment decision by the company, as well as the development of a national regulatory framework for the green hydrogen industry and macroeconomic conditions that encourage capital-intensive investments.” ”.

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