The world’s largest offshore wind farm generated electricity for the first time

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Inspenet, October 22, 2023.

The Dogger Bank Offshore Wind Farm , which is currently under construction and is considered the largest offshore wind farm in the world, has begun generating electricity to supply homes and businesses in the UK.

This colossal project, with a total capacity of 3.6 GW, is being developed in British waters, approximately 130 km off the Yorkshire coast. It is made up of three phases, each of 1.2 GW, known as Dogger Bank A, B and C.

Electricity generated by the offshore wind farm

Electricity generated by the first offshore wind turbine, located at Dogger Bank A, is being fed into the UK’s national electricity grid via a high voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission system. This milestone marks the first time that HVDC technology has been used in a wind farm in the UK.

It is fantastic to see today the world’s largest wind farm, Dogger Bank, generating power for the first time from British waters, which will not only strengthen our energy security, but will create jobs, reduce electricity bills and keep us on the path towards Net Zero” declared the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Rishi Sunak.

The initial electricity has been generated after the installation of GE Vernova’s first 13 MW Haliade-X turbine was completed at Dogger Bank. According to SSE Renewables, this represents a world first, as it is the first time the Haliade-X turbines have been powered offshore.

According to SSE Renewables, each time the blades of this turbine, which are 107 meters long, complete one rotation, enough clean energy is produced to supply the electrical needs of the average UK home for a period of two days.

The initial two stages, Dogger Bank A and Dogger Bank B, will be equipped with 95 Haliade-X turbines, each with a capacity of 13 MW. Instead, Dogger Bank C will have a total of 87 Haliade-X turbines, each with a capacity of 14 MW.

When construction is complete, the 3.6 GW Dogger Bank offshore wind farm will feature a total of 277 wind turbines, which will be capable of generating the amount of electricity needed to power approximately six million British homes for an entire year.

These turbines will be brought into operation gradually over time until they are fully operational for commercial exploitation, a process that is expected to be completed in 2026.

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