Construction of the first ground-based photovoltaic plant in Madrid began

planta fotovoltaica en suelo

Work has begun for the first ground-based photovoltaic plant with connection to the distribution network in the history of the Community of Madrid. This milestone has been achieved after Nexer , a firm specialized in projects linked to the energy transition, completed the processing of all permits and authorizations required by current legislation last December.

Following the completion of the administrative process, Opengy , a company specialized in innovative renewable energy supply and management solutions for companies, announced the start of construction.

First ground-based photovoltaic plant connected to the grid

The project, known as Neosol, will be located in the municipality of Villanueva del Pardillo, occupying an area of ​​around 10 hectares. Once in operation, the plant will have a capacity of 10.11 MWp in a fixed structure, connected to 20 kV at the local substation and with an underground evacuation line approximately 1,500 meters long.

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A total of 14,588 photovoltaic panels are planned to be installed, which will generate an average of 16,822 MWh per year. This will allow approximately 4,800 homes to be supplied with renewable energy , thus avoiding the emission of 4,500 tons of CO 2 into the atmosphere.

It is important to mention that Neosol’s contribution is in line with the objectives established in the recently approved Energy, Climate and Air Strategy of the Community of Madrid, which seeks decarbonization through the implementation of renewable energy production, in this case, solar. photovoltaic.

The promoters highlight the suitability of this type of initiatives in the Community of Madrid, considering the specific characteristics in terms of accessibility to land and protected areas.

“At Nexer we believe in a sustainable model of distributed generation made up of small photovoltaic plants, with low impact on land occupation, population and biodiversity, which bring generation closer to consumption, with connection to the distribution network .”

Nexer is currently working so that this type of project can be replicated in other municipalities in the region ,” explained Laura del Hierro, General Manager of Nexer, who has claimed the pioneering spirit of the project as it is the first photovoltaic plant of its kind. in the region.

For his part, Manuel de Castro, CEO of Opengy, expressed his great satisfaction at being part of this new achievement, which adds to other significant milestones for Opengy, such as the installation at the time of the PPA On-Site® on the most extensive of Spain.

Neosol will generate clean, price-competitive energy for the area, which will turn it into a potential industrial attraction pole, as it can be used through a self-consumption or energy community configuration .”

Projects like this contribute to the greater economic development of the area and the Community of Madrid, promoting the competitiveness of companies that want to settle here, while supporting sustainable development .”

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