First commercial docking at the Port Terminal Dock of the New Talara Refinery

Inspenet, January 26, 2023

On January 21, the first commercial docking was carried out at the Liquid Cargo Dock 2 (MU2) Port Terminal of the New Talara Refinery in Peru. The tanker “Esteem Discovery” unloaded low sulfur diesel.

This activity was possible after the publication, on January 9, 2023, of Directorial Resolution No. 012-23-MGP/DICAPI, in which the study of MU2 maneuvers was approved, which allows berthing to be carried out without inconvenience, permanence and undocking of tankers in the facility, reported La República.

The port facility, in charge of Petroperú SA, will be able to receive and unload products in vessels of up to 52,000 DWT in addition to the existing liquid cargo dock.

The new port infrastructure, which required an investment of more than USD 6.7 million, includes a 95-meter-wide unloading platform; an access bridge for people, vehicles and pipes with a length of 100 meters and an initial width of 12 meters; as well as a 10 by 8 meter berth, four 10 by 8 meter berths and 1.5 meter wide metal access walkways that connect with the berths.

The work was built as part of the New Talara Refinery (NRT) and will fulfill the function of receiving and unloading products in ships of up to 52,000 tons in addition to the liquid cargo dock.

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