ExynAero, autonomous intelligent navigation robot explores mines in Brazil


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Inspenet, May 11, 2023

Canadian tech company Exyn Technologies and NSS Canada have expanded their presence at Jaguar Mining , a gold-producing company in Brazil, due to growing demand for autonomous robots to capture critical data in complex, GPS-less underground environments.

The use of autonomous aerial robots by mining companies for data capture in critical underground operations offers a safer and faster way for planning and workflows.

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Mining company Jaguar Mining has made the decision to purchase the ExynAero autonomous robot from Exyn Technologies after a successful demonstration at the Caeté mining complex, located in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil.

The autonomous ExynAero robot is capable of intelligently navigating and mapping complex industrial environments without GPS and without a pilot, maximizing beyond line-of-sight and communications data collection, and keeping employees safe.

Equipped with Autonomy Level 4, the highest level in the industry, according to Exyn, survey teams can confidently send the ExynAero on autonomous missions to open pits and other underground cavities knowing that all calculations and data collection are stored at board.

With Exyn’s post-processing pipeline, survey teams can refine, subsample, and georeference their data sets for volumetric calculations and other mining operations.

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Jaguar Mining Deploys ExynAero Robot for Faster, Safer Data Capture

Jaguar Mining’s use of Exyn autonomous technology will increase safety, operational efficiency and profitability at its underground operations. “The introduction of Exyn autonomous technologies at Jaguar Mining is another step towards our commitment to quality,” said Eric Duarte, Vice President of Operations at Jaguar Mining.

Raffi Jabrayan, vice president of business sales and business development at Exyn, said they offer innovations that help reduce risk to humans and increase efficiency and productivity in mining operations. “Our technology can do in minutes what traditionally took hours, with countless risks for surveyors working in potentially hazardous environments,” he added.

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Bruno Lalonde, President of NSS Canada, said they are proud to provide innovative solutions to help underground mines protect employees and optimize efficiency. “The addition of Exyn’s autonomous solutions will help their team improve OPEX, increase safety, and get actionable data from hazardous environments faster,” Lalonde concluded.

The implementation of the ExynAero autonomous robot at Jaguar Mining marks an important step towards safety, efficiency and profitability in the underground mining industry.

The ability to capture critical data in complex underground environments without GPS and autonomously reduces risk to workers and optimizes planning and workflows in mining operations. With this innovative technological solution, Jaguar Mining takes a step forward in its commitment to quality and operational excellence in the Brazilian mining industry.

Source : International Mining

Photos : Exyn Technologies

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