ExxonMobil and Toyota partner to test gasoline with 75% fewer CO2 emissions


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Inspenet, April 18, 2023

Toyota began working in collaboration with the large multinational oil company ExxonMobil , in the design, manufacture and testing of a gasoline that promises to greatly reduce pollutant emissions from vehicles. All in favor of advancing towards sustainable mobility.

The formula is nothing like alternatives to battery electric vehicles, such as hydrogen or synthetic fuels. This new fuel that is proposed is similar to traditional gasoline, but with more efficient and ‘ecological’ components.

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The project was unveiled by Andrew Madden, Exxon’s Vice President of Strategy and Planning. One of the main justifications he gave for this fuel is that users will be able to reduce the emissions of their vehicles without having to switch to an electric car forcibly.

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ExxonMobil and Toyota partner to test gasoline with 75% fewer CO2 emissions

There is hope for gasoline amid unstoppable electrification

While some automakers are racing into the electrification of vehicles and mobility, others not so much. Among the latter is Toyota, which has always expressed its doubts about the electric ones, although it has had to adapt.

While it is pushing a battery-powered ‘zero emissions’ range, it is also making great efforts to explore alternate fields. One of these is hydrogen and now this ‘ecological gasoline’ project with Exxon, which would help maintain internal combustion cars.

It is not a synthetic fuel or e-fuel, like the one Porsche is working on, which is created with a chemical and physical formula from CO 2 , different from Toyota and Exxon. According to statements, the new gasoline uses cleaner raw materials.

Among these, mention is made of the use of renewable biomass and ethanol generated in ‘cleaner’ processes. There are no further details of its composition, but it promises that it can reduce carbon emissions by 75% compared to traditional gasoline.

1674 Toyota shutterstock
ExxonMobil and Toyota partner to test gasoline with 75% fewer CO2 emissions

Notes on the subject

The massive introduction of electric vehicles is still a great challenge, especially in terms of the sale price on the market, which is directly proportional to higher production costs. The possibility that fuels are optimized would generate a scenario where the imminent transition to electrification is more bearable, more conscious and of quality and there would be no uncertainty among users who are not enough for an EV (Electric Vehicle) car. .

Source and cover photo : https://www.elcarrocolombiano.com/industria/toyota-se-une-a-exxonmobil-para-probar-gasolina-con-75-menos-emisiones-de-co2/

Internal photo : otomobil / Shutterstock.com

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