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Meet the flying electric vehicle that makes the shortest trips

Inspenet, September 7, 2023.

American company Rotor X has launched its new electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicle ( eVTOL ) called Dragon .

The highlight of this proposal is that it is not a prototype in an advanced development phase, but a vehicle that is ready to fly and available for order . While many companies in this sector focus on small aircraft intended for commercial air taxi services, Rotor X is focused on offering a means of personal ownership transportation.

Built with an aluminum structure, the Dragon electric vehicle has a maximum load capacity of 113 kg. With its fully charged battery, it can fly non-stop for up to 20 minutes and requires less than two hours to fully recharge . It is equipped with eight 16 kW electric motors, allowing it to reach speeds of up to 100 km/h.

An electric and practical vehicle for short trips

This vehicle incorporates a flight control system to manage the motors and batteries. Its primary functions include both automatic takeoff and landing, as well as the ability to return to hover and maintain position without the need for human intervention.

It should be noted that Dragon is not the product of a new start-up company, but rather comes from a manufacturer with experience in the field of helicopters.

Such expertise is manifested in specifics such as its energy-absorbing helicopter-style landing gear, as well as the overall design, which benefits from insights the company gained from its A600 helicopter model. In addition, Rotor X has incorporated various safety features into the Dragon, such as a ballistic parachute and a roll cage .

Likewise, its engines have been designed to provide the necessary power to keep the vehicle in flight, even if two of the eight engines stop working. Dragon comes as a set of parts ready to assemble quickly and easily, and its design allows it to be easily disassembled for transport, for example, in the bed of a pick-up truck or van.

Best of all, the American company has successfully completed unmanned flight tests and will conclude tests with pilots next month. Meanwhile, the Dragon is already available on the market at a price of approximately €80,000 and pre-orders are accepted with a deposit of €18,000 .

The first units are planned to be delivered to buyers throughout the year 2024.

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