DIAPSA offers mechanical vibration analysis service

By: Inspenet, February 27, 2023

The Mexican company DIAPSA (Diagnostics and Predictive Consulting), is dedicated to increasing the reliability and safety of plants through monitoring the condition of machinery through predictive tools, developing services with efficiency and quality.

Among the various services offered by DIAPSA, there is the analysis of mechanical vibrations, in order to evaluate the operating conditions of the machinery through the study of its vibration frequencies, detecting in advance and analyzing a possible failure and its cause, to increase the reliability of equipment and facilities supported by strategic reports for decision making.

The vibration analysis service is applicable to low, medium and high capacity dynamic equipment such as: Turbo Pumps, Turbo Compressors, Motor Pumps, Motor Compressors, Motor Generators, Electric and Internal Combustion Motors, Transmissions, among others.

With this analysis, misalignment, imbalance, friction, mechanical looseness, damaged bearings and component wear can be detected, and problems can also be determined, avoiding unnecessary downtime for maintenance. Also, it increases the useful life of the equipment and minimizes the costs of urgent repairs and overtime.

At DIAPSA they have qualified professional inspectors, analysts and certified specialists in mechanical vibrations. To learn more about this and other services provided by the DIAPSA company, visit its website: https://www.grupodiapsa.com.mx/

Source: https://www.grupodiapsa.com.mx/servicios-y-soluciones/vibraciones-mecanicas/

Photo: ShutterStock

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