Cuba increases electricity generation from a new gas field

Inspenet, May 10, 2023

The company Energas has reported that the exploitation of a new gas field in the northern strip of Mayabeque has increased the production of electrical energy by around 30 MW/h at the Puerto Escondido plant. This increase takes place as part of the expansion of the capacities of this energy source in 2023, which foresees the commissioning of another gas well in the coming months.

The plant’s manager, Eduardo Fernández, highlighted that the new gas is being used at the Puerto Escondido plant, where previously there was idle capacity. Thanks to this new deposit, the company has increased its generation by more than 30 MW/h, which is very important, since gas is quite cheap and is used in the national electrical system.

Regarding the company’s other products, Fernández pointed out that the new gas field is not providing high production, but around five cubic meters of naphtha per day and around three cubic meters of liquefied gas are being extracted per day.

The specialist Oniel Tápanes Hernández pointed out that the increase in gas production is around two hundred thousand cubic meters. Currently, the Puerto Escondido plant is generating around 205 MW, which means an increase of thirty MW compared to the previous generation.

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Electricity generation will be increased in the coming months

The new gas field is also allowing the company to take advantage of previously untapped resources, increase power generation and maintain a stable load during peak power consumption hours. The drilling of the Puerto Escondido 10 well, a field purely for gas production, is part of the investments in the area that began in 2000 with the Puerto Escondido 14 well.

“At that time, considerable amounts of gas were found. They were oil wells, which, after flooding, were used to extract this natural resource,” explained José Enrique Alegría Águila, general director of the Occidente Oil Drilling and Extraction Company.

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The company plans to expand the exploitation of other wells in the area, and for this, other evaluations will have to be made on the ground. The Puerto Escondido 200 well is being drilled, from which they expect to obtain another 200,000 cubic meters of gas/day, which will further increase electricity generation through this route.

“We would reach 400,000 cubic meters,” said Alegría Águila. Puerto Escondido 200 is expected to be delivering gas in mid-June.

As reported, Puerto Escondido 200 should be delivering gas in mid-June. With the entry into operation of this new gas well, a significant increase in the production of electrical energy at the Puerto Escondido plant and greater efficiency in the energy generation process are expected.

In addition, investment in this project will allow Cuba to make the most of its energy resources and reduce its dependence on oil imports, thus contributing to the sustainable development of the country.

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