Cosasco’s AirIQ is at the AMPP 2023 Conference

Inspenet, March 22, 2023

Daljit Singh, Director of Engineering at Cosasco, gave this exclusive interview to Inspenet, within the framework of the AMPP 2023 Conference and Exhibition , which began on Sunday and ends tomorrow, Thursday, March 23, from the Denver Convention Center, USA. USA

Cossack is a corrosion management company for over 70 years, with a strong track record of proven product and service solutions, and a commitment to further advancing the corrosion industry through innovation and the experience.

“We are known in various spaces, especially in the oil and gas area, we have products that do all kinds of corrosion control, atmospheric monitoring, ultrasonic monitoring, intrusive control using electrical resistance techniques and resistance to linear polarization. Also, we do a lot of service work for mechanical access systems to install our sensors,” Singh said.

Cosasco’s innovative AirIQ equipment, introduced to the market less than a year ago, provides real-time air quality monitoring to indicate a corrosive environment long before damage to critical assets can occur.

Singh explained more details of the AirIQ: “This product performs monitoring for sensors, for industrial use, in control centers, data systems and monitors in angstroms per month. It follows the International Society for Automation (ISA) standard 7104 instrumentation and there are GX levels that tell you about how much corrosion you should have in any of these types of very controlled atmospheric monitoring environments.”

Additionally, he indicated that Cosasco also has Premium products for intrusive monitoring called Microcore, a very sensitive technology to monitor any type of chemical inhibitor that they have in their processes.

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