Cortec presents corrosion inhibitor powders for cooling systems

inhibidores de corrosión

Inspenet, November 3, 2023.

Cortec , a company specialized in corrosion prevention and protection solutions internationally, has introduced its innovative product called Cooling Loop Croc™ to the market. This product consists of corrosion inhibitor powders that are presented in water-soluble bags. Its main purpose is to preserve and ensure protection against corrosion of water cooling systems at the time of commissioning.

When it comes to commissioning cooling towers during the spring season, additional challenges arise, such as makeup water containing elevated levels of oxygen, which increases the risk of oxygen pitting corrosion.

Additionally, at this point, the corrosion inhibitors that are part of the normal water treatment program have not yet been incorporated, increasing risk exposure. It is also essential to remove biofilm buildup that may have formed out of season to prevent it from interfering with heat exchange efficiency.

Cooling Loop Croc: the new corrosion inhibitor powders

The Cooling Loop Croc product is applied directly to an area of ​​agitated water shortly after filling the cooling tower. In doing so, a potent amount of vapor phase corrosion inhibitors® (VpCI) is introduced, along with an organic dispersing agent.

Once the bag dissolves, it releases a combination of corrosion inhibitors that act both on contact and in the vapor phase, distributing throughout the system to protect various metals, including galvanized steel, copper and brass.

The innovative solution developed by Cortec, which lacks nitrites, phosphates and chromates, is characterized by being composed mostly of biodegradable materials , exceeding 80% content. This represents a double benefit, since it not only provides protection to metal surfaces that come into direct contact with the treated water, but also exerts an action in the vapor phase that prevents corrosion on those inaccessible and embedded surfaces above the level. of the water.

Additionally, the organic dispersant component has the function of removing biofilm from metal surfaces, which prepares the organic matter for routine biocidal treatment and subsequent disposal. This approach speeds up the system cleaning process during the spring season.

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