Construction of a new nuclear reactor in Iran begins

nuevo reactor nuclear

This event marks the construction of the fourth nuclear reactor at the Isfahan nuclear research center. Although Iran denies any intention to develop nuclear capabilities for military purposes, the United States maintains sanctions in relation to its nuclear program. Iran announced last Monday that it has begun the construction of a new nuclear reactor in Isfahan , a few days after announcing that it is establishing a nuclear plant complex in the south.

Today the process of pouring cement for the foundation of the reactor began ,” declared Mohammad Eslami, director of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, according to state media IRNA.

The capacity of the new nuclear reactor

At the Isfahan nuclear research center, located in central Iran, three reactors are already operational. The construction of a new nuclear reactor with a capacity of 10 MW is underway with the purpose of establishing a powerful neutron source, according to the same source. This reactor is intended for various purposes, including testing of fuel and nuclear material, as well as the production of radioisotopes and industrial radiopharmaceuticals.

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It is important to mention that since 2018, Tehran has been subject to sanctions by the United States, which were implemented after then-President Donald Trump withdrew his country from a historic nuclear agreement. This agreement assured Iran relief from international sanctions in exchange for restrictions on its nuclear activities.

Iran has consistently denied any intention to develop nuclear capabilities for war purposes, insisting that its activities are entirely peaceful.

About nuclear reactors

A nuclear reactor is a device that allows a controlled nuclear reaction , with applications including power generation in nuclear power plants, production of fissile materials, use in nuclear weapons, nuclear propulsion and research.

Currently, nuclear fission reactors are the ones that generate energy commercially. The power of a reactor varies depending on its size and function, and its correct operation requires a constant flow of water for cooling, generally from rivers or seas. Unlike conventional thermal power plants, nuclear reactors do not emit greenhouse gases , but they generate radioactive waste.

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