They appeal to stop the construction of a nuclear power plant in the United Kingdom

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Inspenet, November 3, 2023.

The group Together Against Sizewell C (TASC) , which opposes the construction of a £20 billion nuclear power station in Suffolk, UK, has begun making its case to the Court of Appeal.

TASC has maintained that the government did not conduct an adequate assessment of the project’s environmental impact when granting planning permission. During a two-day hearing, it will focus on how a sustainable water supply will be ensured for the site. In June, a Superior Court judge ruled that the building permit was legal. However, in September, TASC won the right to appeal that decision, leading to the current hearing at the Court of Appeal in London.

Lawyer David Wolfe KC, who leads Together Against Sizewell C’s legal team, told the judges the central issue related to whether a “development consent order” was legal “without any assessment” of the environmental impacts of an essential freshwater supply.

A representative of Together Against Sizewell C said in a statement to the court that it is clear that the Business Secretary needed to satisfy himself how a constant supply of two million liters of water per day would be provided for Sizewell C before giving his consent.

“However, the environmental impact of such a plant was not included in the planning application for the nuclear power plant and was therefore not assessed or taken into account .”

Sizewell C’s position regarding the construction of the nuclear power plant

On Monday, Sizewell C announced its intention to use power generated by the nearby nuclear power station, Sizewell B, to operate a desalination plant during the construction process. However, a permanent water supply source has not yet been established. French energy company EDF , which is collaborating with the government on the development of the project, has indicated that Sizewell C is expected to produce low-carbon electricity to power six million homes.

A spokesman for Sizewell C said: “ The High Court has already dismissed two previous attempts by TASC to seek a judicial review on this issue .”

Sizewell C has a clear water supply strategy that will help increase water availability in the region in the long term .”

The project will help finance a main pipeline that will bring the necessary water to a wider area, as well as supply Sizewell C.

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