Company may extend mine life in Ancash to 2036

Isbel Lázaro.

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mina en Áncash

The National Service of Environmental Certification for Sustainable Investments (SENACE) has given its approval to the mining company Antaminaallowing it to proceed with an estimated investment of US$2 billion to extend the useful life of its mining operation in the Ancash region until 2036. This decision allows the mine, with participation from BHP, Glencore, Teck and Mitsubishi, to operate for an additional eight years from its planned closure in 2028.

Expansion and improvements at the mine in Ancash

In addition, the Environmental Impact Assessment Modification (MEIA) submitted by Antamina, which also produces silver and zinc, contemplates the optimization of existing mining components, including the expansion of the open pit footprint and the improvement of the dumps and tailings dam, thus reinforcing its commitment to operational, social and environmental sustainability.

On the other hand, Victor Gobitz, President and CEO of Antamina, expressed his gratitude to all the entities involved in the approval process. He emphasized that the MEIA represents a significant advance for both the company and the Peruvian mining industry, extending the mine’s operating horizon and promoting sustainable sustainable development through the transformation of economic resources into benefits for all.

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During the MEIA evaluation process, three rounds of citizen participation were conducted between 2019 and 2022, which allowed for the incorporation of cultural and diversity views from local communities and other stakeholders. This ensures that the proposed modifications, when carried out within the current area of operations, maintain and strengthen the positive relationship with neighboring communities and populations.

Gobitz also mentioned that most of the investment will be disbursed in 2025, following the obtaining of the necessary permits. The company is seeking to acquire the construction license in the short term, with plans to begin execution of the investment as early as 2024.

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