Company implements digital solution to reduce emissions and increase efficiency

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Taiwanese bulk shipping company, Ta-Ho Maritime Corporation , is stepping up its digitalization initiatives by incorporating NAPA’s digital performance monitoring, voyage optimization and navigation risk control solution on eight of its vessels.

NAPA: a comprehensive digital solution

Through improved fleet management, NAPA supports Ta-Ho in reducing fuel consumption and emissions . Based on the agreement, NAPA, a Finnish provider of maritime data software and services, will supply its advanced software NAPA Fleet Intelligence, providing Ta-Ho with a complete view of its operations, including data on fleet location, past trajectories, performance, speed, trip duration and fuel consumption.

It is important to mention that the software’s functionality has received certification by ClassNK’s innovation support framework, especially for its ability to accurately evaluate and optimize performance. During an initial two-month pilot using NAPA Voyage Optimization, a total fuel savings potential of 4.0% was evident. In addition to this, testing indicated that an additional 2.9% savings in fuel consumption could be achieved by improving the operational profile of vessels by implementing the recommendations provided by the platform.

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Simultaneously, the implementation of navigation risk monitoring gives teams a comprehensive view of the areas with the highest risks, facilitating the planning of trips aligned with these risks to minimize and maximize safety. Additionally, improved data collection and integration allows Ta-Ho teams to take a proactive approach to fleet management, where insights into each vessel can optimize maintenance programs and manage aging.

This optimized approach contributes to improved energy efficiency and safety. Greater intelligence on fleet performance supports decision-making in compliance with more rigorous environmental regulations, such as the IMO Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) and the European Union Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) , allowing teams to make strategic and better-informed decisions to reduce their carbon footprint.

Digital solutions are enabling the industry to proactively comply with environmental regulations while meeting operational and business objectives. With NAPA Fleet Intelligence, teams benefit from seamless data integration between systems to act on multiple fronts, from emissions reduction to stability and emergency response, with greater speed and accuracy”said Ni Bo, NAPA Sales Director.

By adopting NAPA Fleet Intelligence powered by ClassNK, we are investing in a trusted digital solutions partner to navigate the growing complexities of shipping. This partnership with NAPA marks the next frontier in our digitalization and decarbonization journey. By creating a fleet-wide operations database, we can reap the benefits of data-driven optimization and stay ahead in terms of compliance with environmental regulations.” commented Alan Shieh, president of Ta-Ho.

ClassNK congratulates the successful deployment and demonstration of the NAPA solution on board the Ta-Ho Maritime fleet. This achievement is expected to contribute not only to the operational optimization of Ta-Ho but also to the broader goal of decarbonization. As a third-party organization, we will continue to provide transparent and reliable certification to encourage the adoption of innovative technologies in the shipping industry.“added Junichi Kawakami, regional manager of ClassNK Taiwan.

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