The first wind-assisted propulsion ship arrived in Colombia

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Inspenet, October 18, 2023.

Colombia received the TR Lady

The General Maritime Directorate (Dimar) announced the arrival in Colombia of the first ship with a wind-assisted rotor sail propulsion system. This vessel , called TR Lady and registered under the flag of the Marshall Islands, is equipped with three vertical cylinders from the Tufton company. These cylinders rotate and generate lift by taking advantage of the Magnus effect when the wind passes through them.

In this context, the Colombian Maritime Authority indicated that “The TR Lady vessel entered the Port of Santa Marta for the first time, which with its cutting-edge ‘Flettner Rotors’ wind-assisted rotor sail propulsion technology, becomes an option for energy savings and reduction of emissions. greenhouse gases in maritime cargo transport”.

From our Port Captaincy, all the coordination is carried out to guarantee the safe entry of this vessel, for which its entry is monitored from the Traffic Control and Maritime Surveillance Station,” he added.

About the TR Lady

The force generated by the Flettner rotors, which operate through mechanisms to generate lift and thrust power, provides the necessary thrust to assist in the navigation of the vessel, contributing to the reduction of energy consumption in the vessel. It is important to note that the vertical cylinders cannot serve as primary propulsion on their own.

Additionally, the cost of a rotor varies depending on its size, ranging from US$400,000 to US$950,000. The potential reduction in main engine fuel consumption thanks to a Flettner rotor ranges between 3% and 15% (with reports as high as 35%), depending on the dimensions of the vessel, its sector, operating conditions and commercial areas.

Finally, the TR Lady was built in 2017 and later equipped with this alternative propulsion system. It has a length of 229 meters, a beam of 32 meters, a reported draft of 13.8 meters and a capacity to carry 82,048 tons of cargo.

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