China launches first 6G technology test satellite into orbit

Isbel Lázaro.

satélite de prueba

China Mobile reported that last Saturday it launched two test satellites into low Earth orbit to carry out tests of its integrated space and ground communication network. The China Mobile 01 Star is the world’s first signal processing satellite equipped with a system that facilitates verification of the integration of 5G technology between Earth and space.

The company also announced that the Star Core verification satellite is the first device worldwide to incorporate a satellite core network system based on a distributed autonomous architecture for 6G technology . This device was developed in collaboration between China Mobile and the Microsatellite Innovation Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

About the Star Core test satellite

Regarding the Star Core system, it was detailed that it has the ability to reconfigure the architecture of its software in orbit, as well as implement the functions of the central satellite network and manage them in an automated manner. According to China Mobile, these features will contribute to improving the efficiency and reliability of the core network’s in-orbit operations.

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Both satellites are only 500 km above the Earth’s surface. At this altitude, satellite devices have several advantages, such as low latency and high data transfer rates, compared to those in orbit at 36,000 km altitude.

On the other hand, China Mobile stated that these satellites represent a crucial platform for future integrated space and terrestrial networks . By placing themselves in low orbit, they can compensate for the lack of coverage of land mobile networks and offer satellite Internet services with greater bandwidth .

Finally, the company stressed its commitment to carry out in-orbit tests with these experimental satellites to accelerate the integration and expansion of industries that use space-Earth technology.

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