Chemical technology platform for gas and oil wells presented

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Inspenet, November 18, 2023.

Through an agreement between Pecom and the American company Alchemy , a novel chemical technology platform will be introduced with the aim of improving the recovery of oil and gas wells .

According to the information provided by the Pérez Companc Group, this exclusive agreement will take advantage of the advanced chemical technology platform of the aforementioned American company called “MaxORSM“, with the purpose of increasing well productivity and significantly improving recovery rates for Pecom clients in Latin America.

According to the foreign company, the improvement in recovery has the potential to increase well productivity in a range of between 25% and 35% . Using the MaxORSM platform enables detailed understanding of reservoirs, provides expertise in reservoir flow physics, and enables the development of a unique chemical formulation.

This set of operations seeks to optimize production for each investment made and reduce the proportion of water present.

Gustavo Astie, CEO of Pecom, expressed his satisfaction with the strategic alliance. “We are very happy to deepen our treatment and chemical products services through the incorporation of advanced technology thanks to Alchemy’s innovative platform. We are sure that this strategic alliance will be very well received by our current and future clients.”, he noted through a press release.

For his part, Jacob Thomas, CEO of Alchemy Sciences, said: “ We are pleased to partner with Pecom to meet their customers’ needs for chemical solutions designed specifically for each unique system being treated ,” said the executive of the leading technology firm. oilfields based in Houston.

Increased productivity of oil and gas wells

Pecom operates in the services, construction and products sectors related to gas, oil, mining and electrical energy, covering from the initial phases to the final stages.

Alchemy has developed an innovative technology platform that provides detailed information on hydrocarbon release from rock, fluid movement in the reservoir, fracture interface and proppant package. It has also established a strategic collaboration with the University of Wyoming, leveraging the research facilities of the Innovation Center for Flow through Porous Media.

The US company provides services ranging from in situ reservoir molecular-scale experimentation, aimed at understanding the fundamental physics of multiphase flow in porous media, to digital rock imaging, elemental mapping, and techniques for static and dynamic modeling. of deposits. Additionally, they offer calibrated scaling for practical field applications and custom chemical formulations designed to meet the individual needs of each well.

Through this collaboration, the technology company’s tailored products and services will be supplied to Pecom’s extensive customer base, which includes operators in the oil and gas sectors in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Bolivia.

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