Cemex developed the first concrete based on recycled plastic

Isbel Lázaro.

concreto a base de plástico

Cemex has introduced the first recycled plastic-based concrete to the market, marking a significant milestone in the sustainable construction industry. According to the president of Cemex México, Ricardo Naya, this new concrete arises from the need to contribute to water conservation and promote the circular economy.

This permeable concrete, composed entirely of recycled plastic, has sustainable characteristics such as preventing waterlogging and facilitating the passage of water to the subsoil. Furthermore, each cubic meter of this concrete recycles more than half a ton of plastic . Ricardo Naya shared this innovation through a video on his LinkedIn profile, highlighting the permeability of concrete and its ability to contribute to sustainable water management.

According to the information provided in the video, the development of this concrete was the result of several years of research carried out in the Innovation and Development Center of the construction materials company. In addition, the company executive highlighted that this new material exhibits properties with low levels of CO2 emissions and is produced using non-potable water.

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How does Cemex’s recycled plastic-based concrete work?

The conception of this idea originated with the purpose of addressing the problem of pollution caused by plastics, the result of years of research in the laboratory of the Cemex Innovation and Development Center. A team of experts designed this innovative product with the aim of caring for water and promoting the circular economy, achieving a material with low carbon emissions .

This material is part of the Vertua family and non-potable water is used for its manufacture . The relevance of this innovation is highlighted with the recognition granted by Ricardo Naya, who mentioned that this project obtained first place at Cemex Innovation Day. This event is part of a program through which the company has been promoting disruptive projects for the industry for 24 years.

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