Scientists manage to transform carbon dioxide into useful products

dióxido de carbono

Inspenet, December 22, 2023.

Spanish scientists have reached the milestone of converting carbon dioxide into practical and completely usable products, such as acetone, ether and oxygenated hydrocarbons, which are essential for the development of ecological fuels .

This achievement has been patented by UNED researchers, led by Professor Francisco Ivars-Barceló, who highlighted that this system would make it possible to use and transform some of the most harmful gases on an industrial scale. In addition, he pointed out that the patent already covers demonstrative experiments.

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How is the transformation of carbon dioxide achieved?

The catalytic system in question operates as a “chemical transformer” and stands out for several advantages according to scientists. Mainly, it generates new and utilitarian substances without emitting additional gases. Unlike conventional methods that use other raw materials and demand high energy consumption, this system works at low temperatures, below 250 degrees and at pressures even below atmospheric.

Likewise, Ivars-Barceló explained that, in addition to obtaining acetone or “dimellitic” ether, it is also possible to obtain ethanol, propanol or isopropanol, compounds with high demand globally. He has also indicated that they have achieved initial results on a laboratory scale, but they still have to go through several stages that include optimization, construction of a pilot plant and, eventually, commercialization.

The main objective is to develop processes that are “profitable and efficient” to transform these compounds into value-added products, according to the scientist. He considers that the success of this task would lie in generating economic interest from the industry in these gases, changing the perception of considering them as valuable materials instead of simply fuels or waste to be discarded.

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