Can you imagine talking to historical personalities? Merlin Research and Microsoft make it possible with AI

Inspenet, April 28, 2023

Microsoft Chile and Merlin Research have announced a regional agreement to develop artificial intelligence (AI) applications in education, entertainment, security and corporate applications. This agreement will allow the application of natural language technologies in communication between people and the systems that serve them.

At the last Future Congress, Merlin Research wowed the nation by digitally reviving Charles Darwin, one of history’s greatest scientists. The technology used in this milestone was developed based on Microsoft AI technologies.

1725 Microsoft Chile y Merlin Research IA inteligencia artificial Darwin interna
During the last Congress of the Future, Merlin Research surprised everyone by digitally reviving Charles Darwin, one of the most important scientists in history.

The Metadiálogos project will give digital life to historical personalities in 2023

This project of interviews and conversations, called Metadiálogos, aims to give digital life to multiple world personalities, including Darwin and future historical figures. All AI-infused knowledge is based on writing, interviews, and other materials curated by researchers, engineers, foundations, and other professionals.

Wilson País, director of companies and digital ecosystems for Microsoft Latin America, said that the company has invested steadily in an ecosystem of innovation and business in Chile, which now includes more than 1,600 local SMEs. Microsoft’s AI-based technology allows the development of new businesses based on innovation, just as Merlin Research does to make knowledge available to people.

Merlin Research is a leading AI boutique in Chile and has developed projects as disruptive as the detection of COVID-19 by voice with a simple phone call, during the pandemic, or the care of more than 100,000 patients with cognitive robots.

The company also has collaborative agreements with some of the world’s leading AI centers, such as Carnegie Mellon University, and works closely with some of their researchers.

Microsoft Chile and Merlin Research join forces to revolutionize AI

This agreement between Microsoft Chile and Merlin Research promises to generate important advances in the development of AI applications in various areas and contribute to the consolidation of the innovation and business ecosystem in Chile.

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