The Spector inspection robot was incorporated into the operations of the Woodside company


Inspenet, October 11, 2023.

After years of research and development at its Karda laboratory located in Perth, the Woodside company has introduced its most advanced product to date: Spector . This represents a novel robotic data collection service that integrates cutting-edge technology with Woodside’s leading operational practices.

Boston Dynamics Spot’s Spector robots are equipped with a 360-degree camera, a 30x optical zoom camera, and a thermal camera.

To ensure a safe deployment, the team behind the robot has also created an industry-first security payload, which was carried out through extensive risk assessments, involving technical authorities specializing in security and engineering. Woodside. This enables it to move autonomously around the Pluto LNG facility operated by Woodside, allowing it to capture images in extreme and potentially dangerous environments .

The first images captured by Spector are being used to carry out regulatory visual inspections of electrical equipment, in accordance with Woodside’s F27 performance standard. Such inspections are essential to detect problems in electrical equipment before they become dangerous failures.

Previously, it used to take inspectors up to an hour and a half to perform an end-to-end visual inspection as they had to search for and travel to the equipment. However, with Spector, operators now receive the images required to carry out inspections directly through Woodside’s digital platform, FUSE.

Bruce Hill, Woodside Electrical Inspection Coordinator and Spector client, says: “One of the biggest benefits of images captured by the robot is that they can be used to identify defects before they reach the field. This means we can bring in spare parts and fix any problems as quickly as possible, saving even more time.”.

About the creation of Spector

Spector was created through close collaboration with some of the leading global robotics companies. This innovative service is based on the Spot robot , which has remarkable capabilities and is supported by advanced mission management software developed by DroneDeploy.

Bruce Hill hopes to move toward creating a system that is capable of recognizing image flaws and generating early reports in a continuous monitoring capacity. This will allow other teams to be alerted when there is a potential for a problem based on data patterns over time.

While Spector is currently dedicated to capturing images for electrical inspections, in the future these same robots could be equipped with a variety of new sensors to collect data related to various inspection needs. This robot represents a significant milestone in Woodside’s path toward adopting advanced technologies for safer and more efficient operations.

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