Building a solar park has never been so easy! Meet the autonomous robot from Built Robotics

Inspenet, May 9, 2023

Built Robotics introduces its latest innovation: a giant autonomous robot capable of building large-scale solar parks up to five times faster than traditional methods. This new creation of the Californian company accelerates the transition towards a future of clean energy and, at the same time, increases the safety of construction workers.

With automation being key to meeting the demands of the future in the world of construction, setting up a large-scale solar park can be a daunting undertaking.

The process, which can take years, involves finding a suitable site and obtaining the necessary permits. Additionally, the costs associated with construction and labor are becoming increasingly important in driving down the price of solar energy.

Built Robotics’ autonomous construction robot, Robotic Pile Driver 35 (RPD-35) is designed to assist and accelerate the construction of commercial solar farms with the driving of piles. These heavy steel beams, measuring about 4.5 meters long and driven about 2.5 meters into the ground, serve as the foundation for the solar field.

1781 Built Robotics RPD 35 interno

Learn how Built Robotics’ autonomous robot installs solar piles in record time

The RPD-35 automates this process and can transport up to 200 piles at a time, remove them from an onboard basket and drive them into the ground at an average speed of one every 73 seconds. In addition, onboard GPS technology ensures that the piles are placed with an accuracy of less than one centimetre.

According to Built Robotics, a two-person team can install up to 300 piles a day with their construction robot, which is three to five times more than what can be done today. A 250 MW solar park may need up to 100,000 piles.

This advance in automating pile driving not only dramatically improves the efficiency of workers on jobsites, critical in the chronically tight construction job market, but also keeps people out of harm’s way, reducing exposure to noise, tension and the risks of being run over and pinched.

Built Robotics continues to find new ways to automate and improve efficiency in the construction industry. They have established partnerships with original equipment manufacturers and construction companies to incorporate their technology into existing construction machines and develop new autonomous machines specialized in different tasks.

In addition, Built Robotics is working on new functionality for the RPD-35, such as the ability to perform preventive maintenance and inspection tasks, which will allow them to offer more complete and advanced solutions to their customers in the future.

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