They study the production of bricks with oil waste

Isbel Lázaro.

residuos de petróleo

Inspenet, November 22, 2023.

Is it possible to make bricks with oil waste?

Carlos Paton, representing Resources and Energy Formosa SA Hidrocarburos (REFSA), has launched a research project focused on the manufacture of bricks using environmental waste from oil extraction in the Palmar Largo field.

Paton explained that this project arises as a response to the need to address the environmental impacts generated during oil extraction, specifically addressing the problem of “oil sludge” that accumulates at the bottom of tanks, a recurring concern in the industry oil company .

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In addition, he highlighted that, after a year of development, they have implemented innovative solutions to treat this waste. “First we treat the short chain ones through bioremediation. This is adding bacteria to the soil that is oiled so that they eat the residue.”he explained.

He also emphasized that upon observing various solutions implemented in Vaca Muerta, a site in the Neuquén Basin that has brick activity, they chose to “begin the manufacture of bricks using soil with paraffin.”

The first tests demonstrated encouraging results, evidencing a marked decrease in the presence of hydrocarbon residues in the final material. “We have to continue doing tests, on burning temperature, gas emissions and other necessary issues, but we are in a good process and we will be able to solve a very important environmental liability in all oil companies.”, he assured.

To conclude, the representative of REFSA Hidrocarburos highlighted that the definitive goal is to provide this solution to impacted communities, along with the provision of technical assistance for the implementation of this waste management strategy, with the purpose of actively contributing to environmental sustainability in the oil extraction sector.

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