Meet the ship that will revolutionize offshore wind energy

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Inspenet, October 10, 2023.

This ship could change the offshore wind industry

Chartwell Marine, the British firm specializing in the design of cutting-edge vessels, has announced a strategic collaboration with VARD, one of the world’s leading designers and builders of specialized vessels. Together, they are introducing the Midi-SOV, an innovative 55-meter vessel designed to meet the needs of the offshore wind industry .

This vessel, which will be available in the United States and European markets in 2024, compiles the experience of both leaders in the design of crew transfer vessels (CTV) and offshore service vessels (SOV), offering a novel solution for the current challenge of expand offshore wind energy globally.

With the continued growth of the offshore wind industry, demand for crew transfer vessels has increased, especially with teams of technicians operating on larger turbines. However, meeting the challenges of the marine environment and providing onboard comfort makes simply increasing the dimensions of conventional CTV designs an unviable option.

About its design

The Midi SOV has been meticulously designed to prioritize stability and efficiency, while offering a cost-effective solution at a time when the offshore wind industry faces rising inflation and costs as it expands.

In developing the Midi-SOV, Chartwell deliberately adopted a bespoke, ground-up design approach, drawing on the expertise of vessel owners, technical suppliers and wind farm operators to address the changing demands of the industry.

The size of the vessel has been carefully adjusted to be ideal for offshore wind, hitting the sweet spot in terms of commercial and operational viability. Its design features a lower hull that flares above the waterline, effectively minimizing and dampening rolling motion. This ensures its stability during operations, making tasks easier in the workplace.

Comfort and efficiency are enhanced by a spacious superstructure, which includes 36 individual Safe Stop System (SPS) crew cabins, as well as 20 crew cabins and extensive facilities, including a gymnasium, auditorium, of meetings and large spaces for coexistence.

More details

Placing a strong emphasis on energy efficiency, this ship can be equipped with dual-fuel engines running on methanol and diesel, along with an electric propulsion system and a backup energy storage system. Its cutting-edge design, balanced weight distribution and advanced features position the Midi-SOV as an adaptable and visionary solution for the offshore wind industry, fusing crew well-being and environmental responsibility with high-caliber performance.

Additionally, to demonstrate the suitability of the Midi-SOV, extensive simulations and model testing were carried out in collaboration with Seaspeed Marine Consulting. During the development phase, Chartwell received critical support from leading marine companies including Clarksons, North Star, Seaspeed and Voith. After conducting due diligence on the vessel’s design in summer 2023, VARD recognized its potential as an innovative solution and committed to advancing the design for commercialization.







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