Bladeless wind turbines on ships revolutionize the naval industry

Inspenet, February 13, 2023

The British company Anemoi aims to revolutionize the naval industry with technology that will reduce fuel consumption by up to 30% with innovative rotor sails.

Rotor sails are built to be turned by a motor. Thus, when a current of wind hits these rotating sails, a pressure difference is created.

The thrust force that is created provides the ship with auxiliary propulsion, which can be used to increase the speed of the ship itself. It also serves to considerably reduce both fuel consumption and polluting emissions.

The versatility of this technology is innovative. “Our ingenious design is easily scalable, so it can be adapted to the size of the rotor sails depending on the design of each ship to optimize its performance,” they say from Anemoi.

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The flexibility allows these rotor sails to be installed on almost all types of commercial vessels, including those with complex cargo operations. This is possible thanks to the rail system that the London company has patented, with which it is possible to move the sails along the deck of the ship so that the cranes can load and unload without problem. To change the rotor sails with this rail system would only take two crew members and 10 minutes, according to the British company.

Anemoi’s rotor sails also offer a folding deployment system. In this way, these cylinders can be placed horizontally when the boat has to pass under a bridge. In addition, they require minimal maintenance and have a useful life of 25 years.

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