Barranquilla becomes an energy epicenter: Today begins the 25th Naturgas Congress 2023

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Inspenet, May 24, 2023

The Colombian Natural Gas Association (Naturgas) organizes the 25th Naturgas 2023 Congress, which begins today May 24 and will run until Friday May 26 at the Puerta de Oro Events Center in Barranquilla, bringing together experts on energy issues at a national and international level, representatives of the entire energy chain, natural gas sector, national and local government, businessmen, academics and communities.

In this Congress, short-term and structural issues of the sector, international trends, public and regulatory policies will be analyzed and discussed, highlighting the role of natural gas and the future of renewable gases as key vectors for meeting the objectives of an energy transition as a central theme. framed in social transformation and the fight against climate change.

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More than 60 speakers will participate, with topics such as sustainable mobility, geopolitics and energy, climate change, energy security, natural gas as a vehicle to reduce poverty, work environment, peace talks, social and economic transformation of the country, decarbonization, new technologies, among others.

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International experts share their vision at the 25th Naturgas Congress

Prestigious national and international experts on gas and energy issues will attend the 25th Naturgas Congress. Among the guests are: Carlos Pascal, Vice President of Geopolitics and International Relations S&P Global; Andrea Stegher, Vice President of the International Gas Union (IGU) Ieda Gomes Yell, Principal Senior Visiting Fellow at the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies; Timothy Egan, director of the Canadian Gas Association; Carlos Cortes, Regional Coordinator for Latin America and the Caribbean of the IGU; Carlos Garibaldi, Executive Secretary of the Association of Oil, Gas and Renewable Energy Companies of LATAM and the Caribbean- ARPEL.

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Representatives of the National Government will also participate: Gustavo Petro, President of the Republic; Irene Vélez Torres, Minister of Mines and Energy; Ricardo Bonilla González, Minister of Finance; William Camargo Triana, Minister of Transportation; Jaime Pumarejo, Mayor of Barranquilla; Juan Guillermo Zuluaga, Governor of Meta; Catalina Velasco, Minister of Housing and Territorial Development and Amylkar Acosta, Former Minister of Mines and Energy.

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In addition, representatives of the Congress of the Republic will attend: José David Name, Senator of the Republic; Carlos Abraham Jiménez, Senator of the Republic; Julia Miranda, House Representative; Miguel Uribe Turbay, Senator of the Republic; Inti Raúl Asprilla Reyes, Senator of the Republic; David Racero, Speaker of the House of Representatives; Saray Elena Robayo, Representative to the Chamber; Juan Fernando Espinal, Representative to the Chamber and Roy Barreras, President of the Congress of the Republic.

Natural gas is the key to accelerating the energy transition due to its environmental, social and economic attributes, which make it essential to guarantee energy security and reliability in the provision of energy services.

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