ATOMS: the new in maintenance for offshore wind energy

Inspenet, October 31, 2023.

The company Emobi Industries , with the collaboration of its subsidiary Inbersa , has signed an agreement with the engineering firm Esteyco to produce the primary and secondary structure of the full-scale model of its ATOMS initiative.

This project aims to transform the current maintenance process in offshore wind energy , a significant challenge in the offshore wind energy industry.

This project, funded by the European Commission through the Blue Economy programme, focuses on the development of a steel platform that can be attached directly to wind turbines to carry out maintenance work, including substantial repairs, without the need to count with large vessels.

ATOMS: an innovative structure

The main structure, which exceeds 300 tons of steel, will be produced in the current Talleres Ganomagoga facilities. This will happen if Emobi Industries is selected in the current bidding process. As part of its offer, the company agrees to absorb 50 employees and give preference to the hiring of the rest of the company’s workers. This commitment ensures a long-term perspective to maintain a constant flow of orders at the Ponteareas factory.

Construction of the prototype, scheduled to begin later this year, is planned to take place in Gran Canaria in the summer of 2024 and if it meets expectations, it will mark the beginning of global commercialization. In addition, it is expected to formalize more orders that will also be manufactured by Emobi.

This contract establishes the first step towards a more extensive collaboration between Inbersa and Esteyco. The intention is for Inbersa to become the main workshop for manufacturing the metal structures for Esteyco technologies in the offshore wind energy sector.

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