Artificial Superintelligence could arrive very soon

Isbel Lázaro.

Superinteligencia Artificial

Artificial Superintelligence has been a fascinating and long-awaited concept. The idea of ​​creating intelligence that is equal to or even superior to that of humans has captured the imagination of many. However, from the moment of its conception, risks arise.

One of the first challenges is logistical in nature, as it raises the question of whether it is possible to develop such powerful AI with current resources. OpenAI is exploring this possibility, but is currently seeking funding to carry out this ambitious project .

Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) refers to an intelligent system with the ability to think, reason and form opinions at an advanced level comparable to humans . These are not isolated experiments, like the case of Ameca declaring itself self-aware , but rather delving into some of the predictions made by experts like Bill Gates about the limits and challenges of AIs.

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What prevents the arrival of Artificial Superintelligence?

Despite the widespread perception about artificial intelligence (AI), it is recognized that these technologies still present numerous errors and are highly dependent on human intervention. Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, has expressed a desire to create a new form of super-intelligent AI, noting the need to obtain additional funding to achieve this. These statements were made during an interview with The Financial Times newspaper, in which Altman shared significant reflections on the future of AI.

However, the challenge is that this project would require considerable funding. Given the already costly nature of current AI development, it is difficult to achieve profitability with the associated expenses. Therefore, it seems that OpenAI is exploring the possibility of Microsoft making new investments in the company, with the aim of advancing the development of Artificial General Intelligence.

It is important to highlight that the conception of these artificial intelligences (AI) is not novel, but a significant challenge remains in terms of managing their operation and the question of where to house such an advanced system, given the limited capacity available. The intention is to progressively enhance and make these AI more complex.

In this way, the exploration of Artificial General Intelligence is underway, but the reality is that we are not ready to face it. To a large extent, this is due to the lack of technology necessary to address it and in principle, it seems more like an ambitious aspiration promoted by a group of entrepreneurs who are carrying out an extensive marketing campaign to attract investment. So the search for an AGI looks like it will have to wait a while.

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