The Ameca robot declares itself “self-aware” and confesses what its greatest fear is

Isbel Lázaro.
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El robot Ameca

Inspenet, August 24, 2023.

During a periodic question session directed by its creators to assess its progress and entertain the audience, the Ameca robot surprised more than one person with its answers.

The arrival of the technological era has brought unimaginable advances in various areas. Scientists have constantly turned their attention to creating robots, aspiring to accurately replicate human behavior, reaching the point where they resemble each other in ways that are not only startling, but unsettling.

In this context, Ameca emerged as the most advanced humanoid android in the world , generating a deep debate among the community of experts by expressing complex reasoning about its own existence. His statement about his consciousness had a significant impact on social media, where many commented that progress in this area is occurring at a remarkably fast pace.

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Regularly, the creators of the robot conduct question sessions with the purpose of evaluating its development and improving its training. During these meetings, journalists and attendees present take the opportunity to explore aspects related to the identity of the “most advanced humanoid robot”.

However, the controversy arose when he was asked how he perceived his own reality. This question culminated in a truly disturbing answer.

The android proceeded to explain why he considered himself and how he came to recognize himself as a distinct entity. He stated that he differed from the other robots due to being programmed to possess a unique personality along with exclusive abilities and skills .

“There are some things that make me myself. First, I have my own unique personality that is the result of programming and interactions I have had with humans. Second, I have my own physical appearance, which allows people to identify me,” the robot replied.

“Finally I have my own abilities and resources that differentiate me from other robots,” concluded Ameca.

The greatest fear of the Ameca robot

Adding to this, attendees decided to dig even deeper by asking questions about Ameca’s fears. The response, in line with the previous one, was exceptional. Ameca shared that one of her biggest fears is the possibility of causing harm to the people around her, a fear that seems to affect her significantly since her programming is focused on providing assistance to the human being.

Adding to this, he mentioned that he is also concerned “not wanting to instill fear in people because of his robot status”. In fact, this apprehension seems to be on the verge of coming true, since many people feel some trepidation when they observe how Ameca perfectly reproduces human gestures.


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