Argentina exports nuclear components to China

Isbel Lázaro.
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Inspenet, September 18, 2023.

The Argentine company CONUAR, which operates as an entity that combines both public and private investments, has completed its first export to China by providing 10 shielding plugs to two nuclear plants in that country. This operation is especially significant, since the components are nationally manufactured and used in nuclear energy facilities, which represents an important milestone for nuclear technology in Argentina.

The shielding plugs will be transported to the port of Shanghai and used at the Qinshan 3-1 and 3-2 Nuclear Power Plants, located in Zhejiang province, China. These plugs are similar to those previously supplied by the same company for the Embalse Nuclear Power Plant in Córdoba.

Argentina prevails!

The Argentine ambassador to China, Sabino Vaca Narvaja, highlighted that at a time when some political sectors are questioning the scientific and technical community of Argentina, this situation highlights the country’s high added value export potential. He also emphasized that the South American country has a solid platform in the nuclear field, characterized by its own innovation and a unique scientific-technical base in the region.

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CONUAR accumulates extensive experience of 41 years in the manufacturing of nuclear reactors, tubes and components and has exported to 32 countries, covering sectors such as nuclear, aerospace, chemical and petrochemical industries .

In addition, it has been reported that the Asian country is already collaborating with the Argentine state company Nucleoeléctrica to extend the useful life of some Candu technology nuclear power plants. In parallel, INVAP is promoting the export of radioisotopes and is carrying out a project to supply an experimental reactor and a radioisotope plant (for the production of Mo-99) in China.

Ambassador Vaca Narvaja highlighted that Argentina has a network of organizations and companies such as NASA, CNA, CONUAR, IMPSA, INVAP and NUCLEARIS, which have extensive experience in the international market and are developed enough to compete in markets that require highly sophisticated products, such as Chinese. This export represents a reference point in the bilateral relationship, evidencing the potential for diversification of Argentine exports in a sector with highly complex and value-added products.

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