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Trisofuel: NASA’s nuclear energy source

Inspenet, September 15, 2023.

NASA continues to innovate and overcome challenges in its pursuit of revolutionary technological advances. On this occasion, the US space agency has unveiled a new type of fuel that has the potential to transform space missions and significantly reduce travel times.

This new fuel called “Trisofuel” represents an outstanding achievement in space exploration due to its nuclear capacity and versatility.

Throughout its history, NASA has used a variety of fuels to power its missions and explorations. However, Trisofuel marks a significant milestone in this area and has been designed specifically for application in space and exploration missions.

Trisofuel: a powerful source of nuclear energy

What sets Trisofuel apart is its extremely compact size, made up of tiny seed-sized fuel cells. Despite its small size, its nuclear nature gives it impressive power and versatility.

Phlylis Makurunje, who participated in the Trisofuel tests, highlights its ability to provide extremely powerful thrust, a crucial characteristic to allow spacecraft to reach the most distant planets efficiently.

Tests and simulations conducted to date suggest that Trisofuel could significantly reduce space travel times. For example, on a trip to Mars that would normally take nine months, Trisofuel could shorten that period to just four or six months, which would be a considerable reduction.

Although it is still early to reach definitive conclusions, Trisofuel represents an exciting intermediate solution until engineers succeed in developing nuclear engines integrated into spacecraft. The upcoming field tests will be crucial to determine the feasibility and effectiveness of this new fuel in the context of future space missions.

Source: https://www.fayerwayer.com/ciencia/2023/09/07/pequena-pero-muy-potente-trisofuel-la-fuente-de-energia-nuclear-presentada-por-la-nasa/

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