Meet the first underwater robot for cleaning ship hulls

Inspenet, September 13, 2023.

Spain has managed to develop and materialize the first underwater cleaning robot designed for ship hulls, thanks to the collaboration between Randal Systems and Finanzauto, giving life to the “Hull Hero Rov” .

Hull Hero Rov: ideal for cleaning ship hulls

This machine is equipped with a mechanism for collecting waste and adhering to the hull of the ship, which leads to an optimization in fuel use and an improvement in the navigation speed of the ships. These improvements help reduce travel times and minimize environmental impact.

Before the appearance of this technology, companies in the sector were forced to use non-certified equipment to clean the external structure of ships, which had a high environmental cost and also involved illegal practices.

The “Hull Hero Rov” is powered by a 55 kW CAT C3.6 engine, which complies with Stage V regulations. This represents an important advance in sustainable marine technology in Spain.

This not only uses energy efficiently, but also collects and filters waste, returning clean water to the sea to prevent environmental pollution . The project, focused on sustainability and job security, has been developed for five years at the Business Development Support Center (CADE) of the Andalusia Technology Park.

It should be noted that Randal System is a pioneer company in Spain and the third worldwide in the manufacturing and marketing of this type of product. Until now, there were only two companies with similar equipment, but their costs exceeded 1.4 million euros per unit, which limited their accessibility.

In this sense, the “Hull Hero Rov” stands out by being three times more affordable than existing models on the market, without compromising the efficiency and sustainability it offers.



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