API 2024: See the best of the Mechanical Integrity and Inspection Summit

Isbel Lázaro.

Cumbre API 2024

The 2024 API Summit in San Antonio, Texas, closed successfully after 3 days of immersion in the challenges and advances in mechanical integrity. Various topics, from the role of women in the sector to the metallurgical analysis of natural gas pipelines, highlighted the breadth of knowledge shared.

Led by renowned energy expert, author and podcaster Robert Bryce, the summit was highlighted as a critical space for knowledge sharing and networking in the field of mechanical inspection and integrity in the industry.

The event provided participants with the opportunity to explore up-to-date strategies, such as those focused on environmental, social and governance (ESG) management, as well as discuss the impact of emerging technology on mechanical integrity.

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Meet Punyo: Toyota’s new soft robot
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Likewise, Chevron Upstream shared experiences in the management of coatings in storage tanks, while the update of Annex A of API 530 was reviewed.

Similarly, panels on inspection and mechanical integrity in CO 2 and hydrogen pipelines generated valuable dialogue, as did risk-based inspection strategies for offshore production facilities.

Inspenet present at the API Summit 2024

Inspenet was present at the event providing real-time coverage, providing a comprehensive vision and generating connectivity for industry professionals. The 2024 API Summit not only offered technical insights but also invaluable networking opportunities for companies and participants, establishing itself as an essential event for the mechanical integrity community.

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