Air bp announces first sale of ISCC EU certified SAF

Inspenet, March 10, 2023

Air bp, the international provider of aviation fuel products and services, has announced the first sale of International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) EU SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel) from bp’s Castellón refinery in Spain.

Manufactured by co-processing sustainable raw materials together with fossil raw materials, the SAF from the bp refinery in Castellón has supplied a flight made by LATAM Cargo Chile from Zaragoza to North America, a process in which partners such as Aena have also participated and Exolum.

This latest announcement is based on their experience of supplying SAF ISCC Plus, first supplied in July 2021*. Underlining the role of co-processing using existing refineries to meet SAF demand, this SAF ISCC EU is produced from sustainable feedstocks processed alongside fossil feedstocks.

The SAF ISCC EU supplied by Air bp is manufactured from sustainable waste-based raw materials obtained by the Castellón refinery and co-processed together with fossil fuel. Currently, co-processing of sustainable feedstocks is allowed up to 5% within the jet fuel specification and bp has launched an industry working group seeking to increase this to 30%. This sustainable component has an attributed savings of around 80% of carbon emissions over its life cycle compared to the conventional jet fuel it replaces.

Air bp has been enabling innovative test flights and investing in sustainable alternatives since 2008. To date, the company has supplied SAF to more than 30 locations.

* The International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) system in its EU version is recognized by the European Commission to demonstrate compliance with the legal requirements of the Renewable Energy Directive. The ISCC system in its PLUS version is a voluntary certification standard for non-compliance regulated markets.

Source : bp-en-castellon/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=air-bp-announces-the-first-sale-of-sustainable-aviation-fuel-iscc-eu-produced-at-bp-refinery -in-castellon

Photo : bp Castellón Refinery, Spain Photo credit: bp plc

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