Aconcagua Energía adds a state-of-the-art oil tower to its fleet

torre petrolera

Aconcagua Energía (AE) has added a state-of-the-art oil tower to its fleet. This is the A-302 drilling rig, with an estimated investment of USD 3.1 million . The completion of its configuration is scheduled for the third quarter of this year and it is anticipated that it will begin its first drilling in the Cuyana Basin during that same period.

Diego Trabucco, president and CEO of the business group, highlighted that this acquisition represents a strategic milestone, allowing them to continue investing in the revitalization of conventional basins with state-of-the-art technology. These statements were made during a meeting with the Minister of Energy and Environment of the province of Mendoza, Jimena Latorre, and the mayor of Malargüe, Celso Jaque.

Given the shortage of equipment in Argentina, it will allow the energy group to sustain and execute its investment plans harmoniously and in accordance with the expansion plan drawn up by management without contingencies. On the other hand, Aconcagua Energía Servicios SA will be able to respond to the demand for drilling equipment that other operators in the region need and do not find available supply, generating more employment opportunities and local development.“said the executive.

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About the new oil tower

The valorization of the A-302 equipment materialized thanks to the strategic collaboration between Impulsa Mendoza Sostenible SA, owner of the equipment, and the agreement established with Aconcagua Energía Servicios SA, a service company belonging to the energy group, in charge of assembly and operational management. of the team.

The A-302 drilling rig is an automatic NOV rig with 1500 HP and Walking System, which allows several wells to be drilled in the same location without having to be dismantled, moving on its own axes and providing greater operational efficiency and minimizing the environmental impact.”said Leonardo Deccechis, CEO of AENSSA.

The rig’s capabilities encompass drilling both conventional and unconventional wells, addressing deep directional drilling and geological navigation of horizontal branches in unconventional sector targets.

The preparation and adaptation of the equipment will require the hiring of more than 30 companies specialized in services in Malargüe and the region. Once in operation, the permanent hiring of approximately 60 operators will be needed, a task that will be carried out in collaboration with regional chamber authorities, as well as with unions directly linked to the team’s operations in the region, such as Petroleros Hierárquicos, Petroleros Private and Truck Drivers.

It should be noted that Aconcagua Energía is in the final phase of drilling the SR.x-1001 exploratory well, located in the Confluencia area. In this context, the Minister of Energy and Environment of Mendoza, Jimena Latorre; the Undersecretary of Energy and Mining, Manuel Sánchez Bandini; The director of Hydrocarbons, Estanislao Schilardi, and the mayor of Malargüe Celso Jaque, visited the company’s operation in the Confluencia area.

During the visit, Aconcagua management announced the decision to drill an additional well with the A-301 rig (SR-10(bis) directed) in the Confluencia Sur concession. The execution of this new well, scheduled for after the completion of the SR.x-1001 well, will require an additional investment of 2.9 million US dollars.

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